Street Magic

Have you ever wanted to perform amazing tricks in public that will impress, amaze, and astound? Are you interested in making a career as a street magician performer but need to learn new tricks to keep your routine fresh? Then visit this website for your selection of street magic tricks and illusions that you can learn through our program. For one simple fee, you can learn a magic trick, illusion, and sleight of hand effect that will add spice to your street routines and will certainly earn you more tips during your performance. To get started, visit our website today.

Close Up Magic

Have you ever wondered how some of the most successful magicians have managed to amaze and trick audience members even in small and intimate spaces? Do you want to learn a new style of magic that you can perform from the comforts of a living room or dining table? Then today's the day to visit this website for your choice of close up magic tricks and effects. We have created amazing magic tricks that you can learn that will add spice and wonder to your close up magic tricks and routines and help turn you into an amazing magician and showman. To get started, visit our website today.

Corporate Shows

Does your corporate business need something fun to entertain your guests? Would a touch of magic and wonder provide much-needed levity and wonder to your event? Then today's the day to call and ask about our corporate show event scheduling. We specialize in performing magic tricks and acts of wonder that are guaranteed to add something special to your corporate events and seminars. We provide the wonder and entertainment all you have to do is give us a call and provide a venue and we can handle the hard work. Call today.

7 Days A Week Service

Magic never has to stop for the weekends which is why our service is now open 7 days a week. Whether you need an entertaining magic show for your parties, events, or special occasions you can now count on us to be available any day of the week. That means that the exciting tricks that have entertained fans for years can be at your service when you need them. Just give us a call today to schedule your own show.

Special Events

Do you have a special event coming up that needs something truly magical for entertainment? Then today's the day to give us a call and ask about our magic show scheduling service. We specialize in providing amazing routines that will leave your guests entertained and wondering how we manage to perform our tricks and acts of illusion and wonder. With our help, your special events are transformed from ordinary to magical. Best of all, we are now available 7 days a week. Give us a call and ask about scheduling our help at your upcoming events.

Small Stage Magic

If you have ever thought that true magicians require large stages to create amazing shows that will give you fans, then think again. Because we are here to provide you with the routines and magic tricks that are easy to learn and guaranteed to give your bag of tricks the tools to make amazing shows even from small stages. Don't worry if you play only on small stages because we'll show you how to make the best use of space. To get started, visit our website today.


Have you ever wanted to have an illusionist entertain at an event that you're planning? Do you enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out the secrets behind an illusionist and their magic tricks? Then today's the day to call us and ask about having a true master illusionist perform at your upcoming events or shows. We provide magical wonder and illusions 7 days a week and have a history of producing crowd-pleasing shows that are guaranteed to make any day a better day. Whether you are a party planner, a venue owner, or anything in between, when you need a master illusionist to perform, you need to give us a call.

Birthday Parties

When a birthday comes around for its once-in-a-year appearance, shouldn't you find the best entertainment for the occasion? That's why many parents and friends give us a call to perform at their upcoming birthday parties. We offer a wide range of amazing tricks of magic, illusion, and wonder that is guaranteed to delight and amaze your guests and guest of honor. Best of all, unlike many entertainers, we work 7 days a week, any day is perfect for our birthday party service. To learn more, give us a call today.

Card Dealing Tricks

Pick a card, any card. Card tricks are a fan favorite way to perform magic that may be common but still amaze audiences and guests every day. These tricks are powerful tools to add to any magicians bag of tricks and we can teach you new tricks through our website. Every trick is guaranteed to be easy to learn and add to any routine and will provide you with another tool to earn tips for street magic, close-up magic, and even small stage shows. To learn card tricks and magic, visit our website today.